No Cure No Pay Collection Agency

No Cure No Pay Collection Agency

We are a incasso No Cure No Pay. That means that we only charge you a success fee for the debt we actually recover, and only then when it has been successfully recovered. This arrangement is also called No Fee Debt Collection or No Fee Recovery.

The fact is that for many weaker actors (consumers, small-scale traders) the significant costs incurred in out of courts actions can deter them from seeking justice. For these people, the no cure no pay principle allows them to get what they are entitled to. It is a service that is used by many large companies and is a very welcome relief for them.

No Cure, No Pay: The Ultimate Guide to Direct Debit Collections

Banning the no cure no pay policy in the out-of-court context would result in more work being channeled to the tribunals, a practice that is illegal (because it is contrary to public order tariffs). By turning a blind eye to this issue, successive Justice Ministers are condemning hundreds of thousands of consumers and small-scale traders to the considerable enrichment of a few bailiffs who are making a fortune by ripping them off in this way.

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