Let’s Get Digital


We are working on creating a virtual environment that will offer user-friendly opportunities to attend conferences and paper presentation, discover exhibitors and network with all the actors of the Space field to offer to all the participant a fulfiled online experience.

With the support of ESA, SP2020+1 Conference will be hosted by the online platform “Let’s Get Digital”.

It is a fully online tool that does not require any software installation from participants and speakers.  Please check the website & specific guidelines to have a look to all the facilities offered by this tool.

Preferred browser for optimal experience of the Let’s Get Digital platform is Google Chrome. Connection to VPN may cause delay in connection.

You can sign up for a Let’s Get Digital Generic Demo Event here, the link is automatically updated when LGD have more demo’s planned. >> Next introduction event organized by LGD on JANUARY, 12

Take a look to the virtual environement and features offered by Let’s Get Digital platform


Your registration needs to be settled before March 01, 2021 to obtain a personal login and password to access online. If you are not registered, you’ll not be able to log in the platform and give your speech. All registration details here