What is the VPN API?

Is an vpnapi software project that enables the development of a mobile phone app which provides VPN connectivity to a private network via the Internet. The program allows the user to select a specific server, and then transmits traffic to and from that server. It can also monitor the status of existing connections, and inform the user when the connection becomes active or inactive.

The API exposes data objects that you can use to control the behavior of the system, such as access controls and policies. Each object is identified by a unique URI and can be accessed using the HTTP methods of GET, POST, or DELETE. For example, an access control rule specifies a set of restrictions on the use of the service by a subscriber. Such a restriction may specify call blocking to a number for certain times or for particular call types.

Optimizing Email Delivery: Removing Bounced Addresses

For production systems, you should configure security to protect access to the VPN Provisioning API. To do so, enable the isSecurity attribute in the built-in admin user controls for this API. You can then require that any requests to the API be authenticated with user credentials.

This service identifies IP addresses that are known to have been used by or function as a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This information can be useful for businesses such as financial institutions, which need to verify that users do not use masked Internet addresses and other types of proxy servers in their transactions. It can also help businesses prevent fraud, since a sudden change in proxy usage or a new proxy that is not on the list can raise suspicions of fraudulent activities.

Retail Pricing Software – A Powerful Means of Boosting Sales

Retail Pricing Software: A Powerful Means of Boosting Sales

Streamline your pricing-related decision making and implement data-driven optimization of optimal prices for maximized sales margin. Retail pricing tools analyze a multitude of factors, including competitor pricing strategies, current inventory levels, purchase history and real time data from your online store and other channels. The system then generates pricing recommendations and suggests the most effective way to fine-tune your product portfolio for maximum profitability.

Use data-driven retail pricing software decisions across your entire product portfolio, from establishing the best price points at new product launch to optimizing prices based on market trends and promotional planning, through to implementing markdown plans as products approach end-of-life. Get actionable insights, shortening the pricing planning timeline and allowing your teams to focus on critical areas that need it most.

Unlocking Profitability: The Power of Retail Pricing Software

The best pricing software is flexible and scalable, integrating with your existing CRM, ecommerce platform, inventory management software and promotions management systems. It also supports multiple languages, currencies and regions to meet the needs of your international operations. ScienceSoft is an expert in developing and designing effective retail price optimization solutions based on complex deep learning techniques. Our specialists can help you assess your pricing-related needs, propose a retail price optimization solution feature set and architecture, prepare a plan of integration with existing corporate systems.

AI-based optimization requires high frequency of sales for each SKU, as well as massive volumes of historical data for neural networks training. To address these challenges, we developed the first ever non-restrictive AI-based pricing engine — Imprice. It enables efficient and highly accurate product pricing for both non-food retailers with frequently bought items in their assortment and for food retailers that sell only rare or seasonal items, such as meat and cheese.

YouTube to MP3 Converter

Billions of people worldwide use YouTube to find content on virtually every topic imaginable. It’s a great way to learn, entertain, and stay connected with friends and family members. However, some people prefer to listen to audio rather than watch videos. This is where a youtube to mp3 converter comes in handy.URL : https://ytmp3.lc

How to create an MP3 file?

This tool can turn any YouTube video into an mp3 file. The process is very easy and straightforward. The user simply needs to copy the YouTube video URL and paste it into the designated field on the converter’s interface. Then, the software will automatically download the mp3 version of the video.

The user can also choose to customize the output settings by adjusting the audio bitrate or resizing the video file. This is particularly useful when working with high-quality content. Another great feature is the ability to select a specific portion of the video for conversion. This is especially helpful for lengthy clips and playlists.

Unlike some other tools, ytmp3 is free of charge and requires no software installation. It also offers a simple, intuitive interface, making it an ideal choice for users of all skill levels. It can also convert multiple files at once, which is an added benefit.

This program is not only a youtube to mp3 converter, but it can also rip dvds, create playlists, edit video files, and much more. Its multifunctionality allows you to do a variety of tasks in one place, saving time and effort.

How to Choose Email Validation Software

email validation software

Email validation software is a tool that checks email addresses and removes bad ones to keep email deliverability high. It also helps prevent spam traps and reduce the number of invalid emails in your lists.

Verify emails in bulk to boost your email campaigns

There are many email validation tools on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. You should consider several factors before making a decision, including setup and integration time, reliability, and pricing tiers.

Efficiency: Choose a solution that offers domain and SMTP verification, disposable email cleaner, duplicate remover, spam trap checker, and syntax verification. These tools will help you eliminate junk mail and protect your brand from reputation damage.

The Benefits of Email Validation Software: How to Improve Email Deliverability and ROI

If you want to avoid bouncing emails, you may want to try a tool that can identify and remove invalid email addresses, spam traps, and more. DeBounce is an affordable solution that enables you to verify email addresses in real time, and it works with Mailchimp, Drip, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, and other popular email marketing platforms.

Reliable: Choose an email verification solution that complies with GDPR standards and can accurately determine whether the address in your list is active or not. This will protect your data from being exposed to spammers and help you meet compliance requirements.

Price: Choose a tool that charges per credit or a subscription plan, which will allow you to add credits and recheck email addresses as you need. This will save you money in the long run and ensure that your lists are healthy.