How to Make a Minecraft Creeper Pinata

Make your child’s Minecraft themed birthday party extra special with this Minecraft Creeper Pinata! It’s a super easy, budget friendly and fun way to add a touch of Minecraft to your party!

How to Make a DIY Minecraft Creeper Pinata

Start by arranging the boxes to form a creeper figure. Tape them together to resemble the character and cut slits in various places for easier wacking and popping.

Fill the pinata with candy:

Before your guests arrive, fill this minecraft pinata Creeper with small soft toys and wrapped candy. Then hang it from a tree branch with the top loop.

Fringe the pinata:

Finally, use spray adhesive to attach strips of fringed green tissue paper. This is a great way to create an authentic looking creeper.

The face:

Sketch out the face of a creeper onto a sheet of black construction paper. You’ll want to get the face just right for this minecraft pinata so it looks like the real thing!

Once you’ve done that, glue the creeper’s face on to the front of the Minecraft Creeper Pinata. Then, add a few long strips that look like legs on the bottom and tape them down.