Can You Buy Shrooms in Canada?

Can You Buy Shrooms in Canada?

Despite being illegal in Canada, a handful of mushroom-dispensary operators are taking a page out of the pot-shop playbook. They’re banking on the public’s indifference to the drug and on police forces being more focused on opioid and other “hard” drugs.

Do mushrooms change color?

A plethora of Liberty Cap can you buy shrooms in Canada? pop up after heavy rainfall in autumn on the outskirts of British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii region and attract pickers from across Canada and the U.S., who gather the psychedelic mushrooms to use themselves or sell for distribution thousands of miles away. The mushrooms’ popularity has led to squatting communities developing near harvest sites, and the influx of pickers has also contributed to trespassing, property damage, adverse reactions to ingested mushroom toxins or a so-called “bad trip”, and conflict with local residents.

In April, four terminally ill Canadians were granted an exemption to legally use magic mushrooms in a form of psychedelic therapy known as psilocybin-ayahuasca. Now a Vancouver-based healthcare company has become the first to legally grow and harvest magic mushrooms in Canada since they became prohibited in 1974.

The company, Numinus Bioscience, is working to develop mushroom-based solutions and formulations to be used in psychedelic therapies, and recently completed the harvest of psilocybin-containing mushrooms at its Nanaimo facility, CTV News reports. The firm is one of a handful that has a license to cultivate mushrooms in Canada.

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