Bathroom Trailer Rentals in Los Angeles

Bathroom Trailer Rentals in Los Angeles

restroom trailer rentals in Los Angeles

When you host an outdoor event, you need to ensure your guests and employees have easy access to restroom trailer rentals in Los Angeles. Long lines for bathroom use can kill the fun of an event or stall out the productivity of a crew. To help your attendees or employees avoid such hassles, consider renting portable toilets. These are portable units that have toilets and sinks enclosed in an enclosure with a door. These units can be hauled from location to location, making them perfect for outdoor events and construction projects.

The type of porta potty you rent will vary depending on your specific needs and budget. Some units are standard, while others have extra features to improve the user experience. Some of the more advanced options have a flushing system, music players, and solar power. Some are ADA-compliant, providing wider doors and interiors to accommodate disabled individuals.

Choosing the Right Restroom Trailer: A Los Angeles Event Planner’s Guide

Luxury restroom trailers offer high-end amenities that rival a high-end home or office bathroom environment. Some of these units have full electricity, air conditioning, furniture for the waiting area, toiletries, cabinets, and a vanity sink with Corian countertops. They can also be staffed with a restroom attendant throughout the duration of your event.

These portable bathrooms are ideal for weddings, fairs, festivals, sporting events, concerts, backyard BBQs, family reunions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, construction projects, backcountry camping trips, State/Federal park work, and school functions. The list goes on and on! If you need a high-end portable bathroom for your next Los Angeles event, call California Restrooms. We have one of the largest fleets of bathroom/shower trailer rentals in California and can deliver/set up quickly and affordably.

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