Acne Patches – Mega Patches

Acne Patches – Mega Patches

Mega Patches

Mega Patches are special chips that can be loaded into the game to grant various effects. To load a new chip, select the Download Chip or Patch Card screen from the game’s menu and confirm. Some chips can only be loaded once, while others can be added multiple times.Check this out

Clear, large adhesive patches that conceal and heal blemish clusters.

These Hydrocolloid Acne Patches help to clear and prevent blemishes by removing excess oil and impurities. They are also infused with Glycolic acid to help lighten and brighten the dark spots that can appear on your skin. After cleansing the area, apply the patch with the tacky side down to the blemish. Once in place, leave for 6 hours or overnight to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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